About Arjan den Boer (1972)

Dutch author, tour guide and producer of apps on art, history and culture. Publications, apps, exhibitions, presentations and guided tours.


I'm a Dutch author, tour guide and producer of apps on art, history and culture.

My specialities and interests are: monuments and architecture,
railway history and design,
heritage and digital media.

Work and projects:

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Publications in magazines

I also write articles in commision and I can realize full publications such as one-issue-magazines.



iPad apps

You can contact me for concept, design and production of (tablet) apps on art, history and culture.



Orient Express, Dream Travel at Allard Pierson Museum, 2015

I am available for curating displays and for contributions to larger exhibitions.



Wiki Loves Monuments jury president, 2013 | photo Sebastiaan ter Burg CC-BY

I can give presentations upon request about heritage, architecture or international railway history.


Guided tours

Walking guide Oosterspoorbaan, 2013 | photo Akke Bink

I will guide museum, building and city tours on demand. I can also compile historic walking and cyling tours.



ab-c media farewell, Leiden 2012 (photo Studio Sophisti)



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of stuur een e-mail: arjan@arjandenboer.nl


Jean-Rémi Touzet 21 februari 2021 18:06

Hi, My name is Jean-Rémi Touzet. I am a art historian and art curator in the Musée d'arts de Nantes in France. I'm acutally preparing an exhibition on the train and art. A chapter will be devoted to the landscape seen from the train and the panorama. I've read you're interesting online presentation of the 1900 Transsiberian panorama and I thank you for this. How did you come to this topic ? I would be very gratefull if ever you could tell me where does the images come from, especially the one of the details of the panorama painted by Piasetsky. Have you been in contact with the State Hermitage Museum ? I didn't find anything on their online database. I thnak you for your attention. It would be a great help. Best regards Jean-Rémi Touzet jean-remi.touzet@nantesmetropole.fr